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Residential Technology by Draper, Inc

TecVision Engineered Screen Technology

TecVision is an award-winning, innovative screen technology that offers superior performance over other surfaces .

Choosing the Right Window Shade

Have windows? You will need to control that ambient light. Choosing the right window shade is easy with all the options that Draper gives  you.

EchoControl - Acoustical Shading

Acoustical shading can offer many benefits. Check out Draper’s new EchoControl shades.

How to Measure for Shades

Measuring for shades is easy. Here’s how…

What does that mean?

Not sure what a term means? Use our glossary to find the meaning.

Projection Screen Tensioning Systems - What does it all mean?

Permanently Tensioned, Tab-Tensioned or Non-Tensioned screens – what do these terms mean?

How to Choose the Best Shade Fabric!

There are so many possibilities from which to choose, it can seem overwhelming. This white paper breaks it down for you.

Clutch XD FlexShade

Window Shades

Draper has been manufacturing quality window shades for over 114 years. Window shades are an important consideration for any room. Shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reduce the amount of energy required to cool the building as well as control the ambient light entering an office, conference room or other media room.


Projection Screens

Projection Screens

Draper’s projection screens turn meetings into media events and home theaters into entertainment experiences. Your office or conference room is video-conference-ready with the right projection screen and clear and concise graphics make any meeting more productive.


Projection Screens

Projector Lifts

Draper’s line of Lifts and Mounts offer AV solutions for almost every need. Only Draper offers such a diverse choice of Video Projector Lifts. Keep your projector hidden when it is not in use with any of our quality projector lifts. Conceal your projector in the ceiling, a wall or even a desk or cabinet, we have a solution to fit any room or project.


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