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FlatScreen Lift

Draper’s Flatscreen Lifts are the company’s premier lifts designed to raise a plasma or LCD flatscreen display out of your own custom cabinet or piece of furniture. The Flatscreen Lift is clearly superior to similar products, with the most compact design but yet the greatest possible extension.

Always aiming high, Draper’s FlatScreen Lifts far surpass the competition. The “stored” dimensions are significantly more compact, and yet the maximum extended height is greater than any other model currently available. The extension height is 2.4 times greater than the stored height. In addition, the interior dimensions of the cabinet only need to exceed the height of the stored lift by two inches (51mm). Draper’s FlatScreen Lifts offer more flexibility for the installer or furniture manufacturer. See the brochure link on the right for comparison and benefits of Draper’s Flatscreen Lift versus the competition.

The FlatScreen Lifts utilize a universal mounting bracket and easy “drop-in” installation into your cabinetry or furniture. In addition, it features a unique secondary shelf beneath the display itself, allowing you to attach a matching trim piece to fill part of the opening left by the open cabinet lid for a clean, finished appearance when raised.

  • 2 sizes available depending on display size or use a larger lift with a smaller display for greater extension height.
    FSL-F-42 Flatscreen Lift for displays up to 42″ (107cm) diagonal
    FSL-F-50 Flatscreen Lift for displays up to 50″ (127cm) diagonal
    Consult your Draper sales rep on how to use the FSL-F-50 for larger displays
  • Lifting capacity is 210 lbs. (54kg)
  • No display width limitation
  • Vertical extension up to 2.5 times its stored height
  • Travel Speed is 1-3/8″ (35mm) per second
  • Automatically switches to “creep” mode as it approaches “up” and “down” limits, to prevent jarring of display during operation
  • Adjustable up limit to stop at any intermediate point for the “show” position.
  • Universal mounting bracket is included. (For displays larger than 60″ (152cm) diagonal, you may need a special bracket. Contact Draper for more information.)
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.