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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How are motors programmed? A: Shades are factory programmed based upon your instructions. Fill out a programming instruction sheet. We also have full programming instructions. (see document tab)
  2. Q: Out of the box, why does the motor not respond?A: All motors are shipped asleep, you will need to wake the motor by lightly pressing the button on the head of the motor, motor will jog and beep once.
  3. Q: How do I interface with a home automation system?A: Currently, the WI-FI to RS432 Bridge (C156.261) and 1 Channel Dry Contact Interface (C156.264) are required to interface with any home automation system that uses dry contacts. Control 4 drivers are now available. Other drivers are in developement. Translators are in development for direct interface to popular home automation systems.

FlexShade Recharge

Introducing FlexShade Recharge. FlexShade Recharge shades are quiet, battery operated shades with rechargeable batteries that last longer and are more powerful than other systems. FlexShade Recharge shades are the answer when a motorized option is desired but wiring would be cost prohibitive or just not possible. And with larger sizes more opportunities are available.

  • Wide range of sizes – for shades up to 12′ wide
  • Great lower cost entry point for those wanting motorization
  • No battery wand to hide, the batteries are inside the motor.
  • No disposable batteries. Green product – it’s rechargeable.
  • Charges from 110V outlet or optional solar panel
  • Each charge lasts months
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Installs just like a manual window shade. No wiring or electrician needed