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Issue 14 – January 2017


Shade Fabric Choice

Shade Fabric Choice

Last month, we introduced you to EchoControl, our new acoustical shading product. Reading what we’d written, it struck home just how many different fabrics we have, providing solutions for just about any case imaginable.

When you take into account all the variables, there are hundreds of fabric solutions.

Different fabrics. Different colors. Different openness factors. It can all be a bit daunting when you look at it like that.

The key to choosing the right fabric solution is to ask a question. What matters most: looks or performance?

If the answer is looks, then break out the fabric samples and start comparing. If the answer is performance, then the fun begins.

Whatever performance factor is important to you, there is a shade fabric solution.

Worried about privacy? We have opaque fabrics. Do you still want to see out while the shade is down? We have fabrics for that. Are you concerned about glare, or solar heat gain? Do you need to make sure VOCs aren’t being released into the space?

Like I said, whatever you want, we have solutions for it.

For more information, you can also click here to download a free white paper on fabric choice.

Or you can give us a call if you need more help. We’ll be glad to help you work through the fabric selection process.



Perhaps you found the above information a bit much to swallow all at once. Never fear! To help make fabric choice even easier for you, we have developed a handy-dandy online Fabric Selector Tool. Using parameters such as color, openness factor, fabric style, you can narrow your choices down and compare them. One word of advice; remember that computer screens don’t always accurately display colors, so once your choice is made, make sure to check out a real life sample.

Click here to check out our Fabric Selection Tool.


Whether someone is being introduced to Draper for the first time, or is already a long-time customer, there are certain questions that inevitably pop up in conversation. Mostly these questions about Draper revolve around why we conduct business the way we do, and where we do.

Whether we’re at a trade show, a client meeting, or a party, here are seven things we find ourselves answering.

 “How Do I become a Draper dealer?”

This is an easy one. Just go to this page on our website, and fill out the relevant form. If you want a direct relationship with Draper, be sure to choose the “Dealer Inquiry” form. If you prefer to purchase AV products (only) through distribution, you can apply to be a Draper Authorized Reseller.

“Can’t I just buy it from you?”

No. We only sell through Draper Authorized Dealers or Draper Authorized Resellers. Members of the Draper dealer network bring a lot of market and product knowledge to every job that we would not have the time to acquire or pass on. They can consider all elements of a project, including products we don’t make. They also give a local point of contact, which eases installation, planning, and repair hassles. We love our dealers; you will too!

For more things people ask about Draper, check out our blog post!


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