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Draper@Home Newsletter

Issue 15 – April 2017

Pop Quiz

Pop quiz: Where’s the best place for the speakers—at least the center channel—in an AV installation? If you answered, “behind the projection screen,” then you get an A+ … especially if you answered “behind an acoustically transparent screen!”

Putting a speaker behind a solid piece of fabric muffles the audio. But acoustically transparent (AT) screens allow sound to pass thorough them with very little audio loss.

Draper manufactures several types of AT viewing surfaces. We were the very first manufacturer to offer woven AT screen materials. We also provide perforated and nanoperforated solutions.

Introducing perforations into a viewing surface won’t greatly impact the image. We can perf and nanoperf (more than 29,000 0.381mm diameter holes per square foot!) all of our TecVision viewing surfaces, so there’s an acoustically transparent solution for any room condition—even ambient light! Even with the perforations, these surfaces are still 4K ready and ISF certified!

We’ve been able to do this since we first introduced TecVision. AT and ambient light rejection have always been issues in the home but are becoming more important in commercial AV. You can count on our years of experience in AT and ambient light rejecting screens to always give you the solution you need!

For more information, visit our TecVision page, ( or drop an email to Amy Madden. (


Quiet. Rechargable. Inexpensive. Lots of fabrics. The best shade app in the market. Check out Draper’s Recharge battery-operated shade!

What matters most to you in front projection: brightness or contrast?

It’s important to strike the right color balance in Ambient Light Rejecting screens, but not everyone does:

Did you read about what happened to #BBCDad when he tried to do a live segment on BBC? If only he’d had a Draper Video Conferencing Background …

As usual, Draper did not let April Fools’ Day go by unremarked. This year, though, we decided to take the opportunity to talk about telling the truth in AV product marketing!