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Issue 21 – November 2017

New price list released 
Have you gotten your new window shade price list for commercial and residential AV dealers?

In addition to updated pricing, the price list includes information on the award-winning FlexShade® Recharge, Draper’s rechargeable battery-operated shade that debuted earlier this year. The Recharge received a CI Best InfoComm award from Commercial Integrator Magazine, and features simple installation, similar to a manual window shade. The batteries last longer and are more powerful than those in other systems. With long-lasting charges, the FlexShade Recharge battery is hidden safely inside the roller tube and can be recharged from a 110V outlet or an optional solar panel. FlexShade Recharge is quiet and provides a reliable, versatile motorized shade without additional wiring.

To download an updated price list, Draper dealers can sign in to Draper’s Pro Portal. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to register for one by clicking the “Need to register for access” link and set up an account.

Christmastime is (almost) here

It doesn’t seem possible, but Christmas is only five weeks away! This year, upgrade your Christmas cred by giving the gift of an immersive home theatre experience.

For a dedicated home theatre where all the lights can be turned off, a white screen like TecVision XT1100X is perfect. If your projector is a bit on the weak side, you can also consider a small bump in gain and use TecVision XT1300X White or TecVision XT1600X White. All of these surfaces have extra wide viewing cones, so the whole family can watch together.

If you prefer to have the lights on, then you will want to avoid a white screen. Go with a surface that is designed to reject ambient light away from the viewing area. Draper offers four TecVision ALR screens that reject up to 82 percent of ambient light. Remember, ALR materials require 15%-18% more projector light, so you will need a brighter projector than with a white screen. These materials also help produce better black levels for improved contrast.

One final note: If sound is important to you, the best place for the speakers is behind the screen. We can nanoperf any of the above-mentioned surfaces for the optimum audio and visual immersive experience.

For details on Draper’s various TecVision surfaces, click here.

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