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Draper@Home Newsletter

Issue 3 – January 2016


footballThis month, “TheBuzz is all about the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is one of those rare sporting events that draws attention even from people who don’t follow the NFL because it just seems so bigger than life.

First of all, there’s the halftime show, which typically features the biggest names, explosives, some wicked lighting and staging, and lots of all-around AV magic. This year’s show features Beyonce and Coldplay as headliners, but I’m sure there will be a few other big names sashaying across the stage.

Then, of course, there are the ads. How many iconic products and companies have been introduced to the world via a legendary Super Bowl commercial? With companies trying to outdo each other in the creativity department, I read somewhere that they’ll need to spend about $5 million for the privilege. For the record, Draper will not be advertising during the Super Bowl—although if any of you are going and want to hold up a sign with the Draper logo on it, let me know.

We can’t forget the parties, either. All across the country, people will be gathered in living rooms, multi-purpose rooms, home cinemas, and even church halls and community centers to eat snacks and catch the action (hopefully on a Draper projection screen)! Last year, it’s estimated that the average American consumer spent nearly $90 on Super Bowl related activities.

Oh yeah—there’s also a football game going on, isn’t there?



The Draper Pro Portal is full of so many handy tools it’s always hard to single out just one to talk about. This month, we wanted make sure you’re aware of the Inventory Tools, recently added to the Pro Toolbox.

There are two ways to view Draper’s inventory levels online.

The first—and easiest—way is to simply click on the “AV Inventory Levels” link. You can type your part number into the search box, or, if you aren’t sure of the part number, you can scroll down the list, which is in part number order. This list is updated every day prior to 8:00 am with the latest inventory levels for stock Draper products.

If you’d like to download a spreadsheet of the list, paste this link into your browser (replacing the #### symbols with your Draper account number):

Remember, it’s free to use all of the tools and resources in our Pro Portal, but you must register. To do so, click the “Login” link at the top of our web page, then follow the steps to register for access.


PrintIt looks like we’ve done it again! Well, actually, you’ve done it again. For the third straight year, Draper has received three Stellar Service Awards from Residential Systems Magazine.

Residential Systems accepts nominations from manufacturers in several categories, then asks their readers to vote on the best from a group of finalists.

We were thrilled to be finalists in three categories—Customer Service/General Communications, Sales/Marketing Support, and Web Portal—and even more thrilled to hear we’d been voted platinum award winners in each category! Platinum is the highest award level given.

This has been a big year for Draper in the awards department—our products have received something like 17 awards this year, and Optically Seamless TecVision alone was honored seven times. But these awards feel even more special, because they back up what we’ve been talking about throughout 2015, the Year of Draper: Even with all of our great products, it’s people who make the difference for Draper and our customers.

Draper_Customer_Service-150x150Customer Service/General Communications

Draper is famous for our friendly, well informed, helpful people, and their “can-help” attitude. We focus on ensuring a positive customer connection experience. We offer continuous training to keep everyone up to date on the latest product and industry developments. Our people work hard to ensure speedy response to calls; we monitor Live Chats on Draper’s website and are ready to answer questions; status and shipping info is available through our online Pro Portal; documentation for our products is available on our website, as are handy tools for selecting the right Draper solution. We offer dedicated, personal support for everything from solution design, to ordering, to shipping issues, to final installation and technical support. Whenever you call, we try to get you the same person! We still bend over backwards for our customers—if you hold the phone in the right place we’ll even scratch that hard-to-reach spot on your back!!

Sales and Marketing Support

Here’s the thing. When you’re 113 years old, people think you’re old-fashioned. But Draper is a leader in providing support where it’s needed today. Our comprehensive online screen selection tools allow the correct screen solution to be found based on any number of factors, including projector, light measurements, room layout, and content. We make our full offering of catalogs, white papers, case studies, flyers, and technical documents available for quick and easy access via our website (but will mail something if you want it). Draper believes in continuous training to keep dealers and our sales staff up to date on the latest product/industry developments. We work through social media to keep in touch with dealers, distributors, and end users, and provide free social media content for dealers to use. We may even dinosaur-sit* or feed your kids* (or vice versa*). *Offer may not apply to anyone at all.

Best Web Portal

Draper was the first screen manufacturer to design an adaptive and responsive website. is a one-stop shop, with easily accessible Information from photos to pricing to technical documentation to blog posts with the latest company news. Draper makes continuous updates and upgrades. Draper’s site is mobile friendly and home to many tools, including the most advanced apps available to help choose the right viewing surface, the correct screen size based on projector and other criteria, and the right projector lift. Draper’s Pro Portal offers even more advanced tools, including our Projection Planner, which helps you design a projection system to the ANSI PISCR standard. The portal also has dealer pricing and allows dealers to obtain accurate freight quotes and track order status. Our Continuing Education section offers case studies, white papers, and online AIA and CTS certification classes.

We believe that working with a manufacturer should be a positive experience—even when the situation may not be positive. And we appreciate this recognition of that.



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