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Draper@Home Newsletter

Issue 11 – November, 2016


Del Norte High School classroomLast month we talked briefly about the advantages of motorized window shades. This month, we’d like to touch on fabrics, and how to choose from among the many possibilities.

There are hundreds of options from which to choose: differences in color, openness factor, material, and weave all determine the look and performance of each fabric. When deciding on these fabric characteristics, you need to decide what’s more important—aesthetics or performance.

Often a customer’s main concern is simply how the shade looks; they just want to make sure the window treatments fit in with the overall design. This, however, really does short-change shades, which are more than just pretty window dressing. Shades reduce glare, cut utility bills by keeping solar heat gain to a minimum, or improve privacy.

All of these benefits are affected by various fabric attributes, including color, pattern, weave, and openness factor. For instance, lighter colors reflect more solar energy, but provide better privacy in mesh shades; Dark mesh fabrics are easier to see through and allow more heat gain. Also, the more open a mesh, the more light passes thorough; for peak blackout opaque fabrics are best. Opaque—or a 1% open fabric—also works best for preventing light pollution from commercial spaces at night.

The weave also has an impact on the looks and performance of a shade. A basket weave is a two by two non-directional pattern, which can be hung in either direction. A Twill is a diagonal weave. This allows for a light fabric on one side and a dark on the other, so the benefits of each can be enjoyed in one product. Jacquard weaves are used for custom patterns and designs.

These are just some of the things to consider when you’re looking to choose the right shade material for a project. For a more detailed look at choosing shade fabrics, click here to read a white paper on the subject.

To learn about the differences between fiberglass and polyester fabrics, click here.



This month we wanted to remind you of one of the most helpful of Draper’s many online resources. It’s our online literature request site.

The online request site includes all of our catalogs and brochures, in addition to white papers and case studies. You’ll also find access to 8 x 10 shade fabric samples, TecVision fabric samples, and more! This way you don’t have to wait on your Draper contacts to help fulfill your requests. Feel free to share this information with your dealers as well. We want them to be aware of all of our tools!

In addition to quick and easy ordering, now that we are printing our own literature, all of our case studies and white papers are now in color and look great (prior white papers were black and white). These truly are great selling tools.

There is one caveat: If you want to order more than six copies of any one item, you do need to contact Draper to place your order. But for six copies of less of Draper’s many marketing resources, go here and place your order now!

Jerry Heck#HomeOnPearl

We often talk about how great a company Draper is. But here’s living proof: Our own Jerry Heck, who has been with Draper for 45 years and has no desire to quit now.

We recently featured Jerry on the Draper blog. One sentence in particular struck me. It’s about how he first came to work at Draper back in the 1960s:

“My Dad had worked here for a couple years, and he asked (company president) Luther Pidgeon if he would be hiring any summer help and Luther said yes,” Jerry recalls. “When my Dad came home for lunch he told me what Luther had said. So I hopped on my bike and came into Draper, talked to Luther and he put me to work for that summer.”

From that first bike ride, Jerry has continued to develop and progress at Draper. He is now a department manager responsible for 40 employees.

If you walk around the Draper factory, you would probably hear many similar stories. And, as Jerry says, “There aren’t many companies where you can walk into the owner’s office and just strike up a normal conversation like you can here at Draper.” It’s one of the things that makes Draper a unique place, and that feeling of family carries over into our relationships with you, as well. You’re part of the Draper family, too—and hopefully you’ll be with us just as long as Jerry-or longer!

To read the full blog post about Jerry, you can click here.

And finally, we’d like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving—have a great holiday!


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