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Non-Tensioned Motorized Screens

Non-Tensioned Motorized Screens are self-supporting, fixed (non–tensioned) screens that are manufactured with textile-backed materials. These screens are made with surfaces that remain flat by virtue of the thickness and weight of the screen surface and dowel. An important part of Draper’s inspection process for screens of this type is to make sure the screen is as flat as possible.

Ceiling-Recessed Motorized Screens

Access/Series E

Motor-in-roller electric screen for ceiling-recessed installation. Suitable for use in return air plenum. “Plug-in” wiring connections enable installation of case early in construction and screen later. Sizes through 160″ wide.


Ultimate Access/Series E

All the features of the Access, plus an independently motorized ceiling closure that opens into the case. Sizes through 12′ wide.


Access FIT/Series E

The Access FIT/Series E projection screen is an award-winning motorized, ceiling-recessed projection screen. Customer input convinced us to make the Access even easier to install and fit into smaller spaces. The new case is less than 6″ tall. It is engineered to fit into tight openings about the ceiling. The Access FIT Series E offers screen sizes through 120″ wide.


Wall or Ceiling-Mounted Motorized Projection Screens


A very popular electric screen that can be wall or ceiling-mounted. Housed in a pentagonal steel case, finished white. Very reasonably priced; powered by a quiet tubular motor-in-roller. Sizes through 16′ wide.


Artisan/Series E

Identical in appearance to the Artisan/Series V, but with a conventional textile-backed viewing surface. Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling in an office, home theater or multi-purpose room. Sizes through 96″ wide.


Silhouette/Series E

Silhouette/Series E is an electrically operated projection screen. The sleek, curved aluminum case and endcaps are finished in white. Slender dimensions and contemporary design. Can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. Screen and dowel retract completely inside the case. Sizes through 96″ wide.



Inspired by European design, the elliptical extruded aluminum case with white finish installs quickly to wall brackets. Hardwired and Plug & Play™ versions available. Plug & Play comes with 10′ power cord and IR remote, so no wiring is needed. Conventional electric screen with motor-in-roller. Sizes through 96″ wide.


Outdoor Motorized Screens

Nocturne/Series E

Designed for outdoor use on your patio, by your pool deck, or any other outdoor space. Weather and insect resistant solid aluminum headbox includes built-in hinge for easy installation and service. Includes cable guides, weighted dowel, and both wall and deck mount cable guide brackets. Sizes through 116″ wide.