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Permanently Tensioned Projection Screens

The primary advantage of permanently tensioned, or fixed projection screens is that the screen surface is perfectly flat, which provides excellent image quality. Projection screens of this type are permanently installed on the wall, and do not roll up into a headbox.


A permanently tensioned screen, The Profile, creates the clean, high tech look of a flat panel screen on your wall–but in larger sizes that are only possible with projection. Its slender frame is less than 3/8” wide and 11/2” deep. Features Draper’s proprietary surface tensioning system to keep the viewing surface perfectly flat with no puckering.



The Onyx has a 4″ wide, beveled trim frame and a proprietary adjustable surface tensioning system that keeps the viewing surface perfectly flat, with no puckering. No snaps—assembles easily in minutes. The miter-cut frame is wider, to handle overscan, and provides up to 1-1/2″ of horizontal or vertical viewing surface tension adjustment. Black painted aluminum frame is standard; Vel-Tex, a black, velvety textile covering, is a recommended option that cuts reflection and conceals all trace of joints in the frame. The Onyx is a good choice for the home theater.



The Clarion’s aluminum frame forms an attractive 2” border, for a clean, modern appearance. The standard frame color is black; Vel-Tex, a black, velvety textile covering is a recommended option that cuts reflection and conceals all trace of joints in the frame. Fabric attaches without snaps for quick assembly and a perfectly smooth viewing surface.


Curved Frame Projection Screens

Draper offers their Onyx and Clarion projection screens with factory-curved frames featuring Vel-Tex covered extruded aluminum frames. Standard is 40′ radius; custom radii available.



The Cineperm consists of a 1” tubular aluminum frame, which assembles without tools using slip fittings. It is permanently mounted to the wall and has a snap-on viewing surface. The Cineperm is offered in a wide range of standard sizes and can be manufactured
in virtually any custom size.


Edgeless Clarion

The viewing surface of this product wraps completely around the frame and attaches to the back side. Formerly named WrapAround Clarion, The Edgeless Clarion does not have a border of any kind—from the audience side you see only a solid screen surface. The absence of borders makes this product rather popular for home theaters.