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Tensioning Samples

Projection Screen Tensioning – What does it mean?

Selecting the right projection screen is hard enough without knowing what some of the terms we use mean. Here are some definitions for projection screen tensioning that might be helpful as you explore the possibilities.

Permanently Tensioned Screens

Permanently tensioned projection screens are wrapped or held fixed in a frame of some sort. Screens of this type are permanently installed on the wall or other mounting surface, and do not roll up into a headbox. The primary advantage of Permanently Tensioned Screens is that the screen surface is perfectly flat, which provides excellent image quality.

Tab-Tensioned Screens

Draper’s tab-tensioned screens are held taut with a special tensioning system.  The screen is cut on CNC controlled cutting tables, including the tabs.Then the tabs are folded to the backside of the screen surface and RF welded. The result is a strong tab. Special wire is threaded through the tabs and tensioned to hold the surface perfectly flat. This system has been tested for failure by cycling a screen over 30,000 times, with no tab failure.

Non-Tab Tensioned Screens

Self-supporting (non–tensioned) motorized screens are manufactured with textile-backed materials. These screens are made with surfaces that remain flat by virtue of the thickness and weight of the screen surface and dowel. An important part of Draper’s inspection process for screens of this type is to make sure the screen is as flat as possible.

Know your drop and border options

It is important to order the correct amount of drop for your application. Please call Draper for details.

  • Screens in all formats except AV (1:1) format include borders to frame the image on all four sides.
  • Self-supporting (non-tab tensioned) screens in the HDTV and 16:10 formats in sizes 110” diagonal and smaller have 12” of black drop above the image are as standard.
  • Standard tab-tensioned screens in all formats are furnished with black borders at the sides and 12” of black drop at the top.
  • Custom tab tensioned screens are furnished with black borders at the sides, with top and bottom drop specified as needed.
  • Additional black masking above the image area is optionally available for all standard and custom screens.
  • Note – for proper tensioning of tab tensioned screens, the screen should be extended fully.