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Projection Screens

Draper’s projection screens turn meetings into media events and home theaters into entertainment experiences. Your office or conference room is video-conference-ready with the right projection screen and clear and concise graphics make any meeting more productive. Sure, with a flatscreen you can watch a movie, but with a projection screen you can experience a movie. Add the excitement of the cinema to your home theater experience by adding a projection screen.

What Others Are Saying About Draper Projection Screens

Permanently Tensioned Projection Screens

The primary advantage of permanently tensioned, or fixed projection screens is that the screen surface is perfectly flat, which provides excellent image quality. Projection screens of this type are permanently installed on the wall, and do not roll up into a headbox.


Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screens

Draper’s tab-tensioned screens are held taut with a special tensioning system to hold the surface perfectly flat. Smooth and attractive with no puckering this system provides a better viewing experience.


Non-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screens

Self-supporting (non–tensioned) motorized screens are manufactured with textile-backed materials. These screens are made with surfaces that remain flat by virtue of the thickness and weight of the screen surface and dowel. An important part of Draper’s inspection process for screens of this type is to make sure the screen is as flat as possible.


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