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Projector Lifts and Mounts

Draper’s line of Lifts and Mounts offer AV solutions for almost every need. Only Draper offers such a diverse choice of Video Projector Lifts. Draper’s Conceal/Reveal solutions include Flatscreen Lifts as well as Custom Lifts and Mounts for every application.

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Micro Projector Lift

The Micro Projector Lift (MPL) is small and convenient, just like the projectors it is designed to accommodate. It has a lifting capacity of 35 pounds (16 kg). MPL can be installed in an existing 2´ x 2´ (60 cm x 60 cm) ceiling opening without disturbing the ceiling framework.


Scissor Lift SL Projector Lift

Two series of lifts are available that vary in extension length to service position. SL Series & SLX Series ranging from 4' to 21'.  Both SL & SLX Series feature superior stability utilizing Draper’s patented 3-scissor design.


Scissor Lift SLX

The Scissor Lift lowers your projector to perfect show position and also brings it down to within easy reach for service. Two series of lifts are available that vary in extension length to service position. SL Series & SLX Series. SLX Series has a lifting capacity of 350 lbs (159kg) including closure and a range of sizes from  10' (305cm) to  28' (853cm).


Revelation Projector Lift

The Revelation is totally different from traditional projector lifts and mounts. Draper’s Revelation permanently conceals the projector and its noise. You’ll only see a hinged door in the ceiling, finished in white powder coat, that drops down at show time.


AeroLift Projector Lift

Three models to lift up to 35, 100 or 150 lbs (16kg, 45kg or 68kg). Only AeroLift is specifically designed for home theatre or other small spaces, fitting within standard 16˝ floor joists. AeroLift offers a different look than traditional scissor lifts and can be used to conceal projectors, speakers, or cameras.


Phantom Projector Lift

The totally unique Phantom quickly and quietly dips the projector out of the ceiling and into the “show” position at the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter. The Phantom can also be used to hide speakers and other AV devices.


The Orbiter

Ingenious design allows the Orbiter to fit in small ceiling cavities. It is the only lift that can be installed in an angled ceiling, a wall or a tabletop, making it uniquely versatile. The lift conceals the projector and quickly rotates it into the “show” position at the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter.


LCD Projector Lift

Bomb bay doors and a slim cross-section distinguish the LCD Lift. Most popular LCD and DLP projectors fit comfortably inside this unit, which is available in two sizes.


FlatScreen Lift

Draper’s FlatScreen Lift allows you to conceal a flatscreen television (up to 50˝ diagonal) or display inside your own cabinetry or furniture, and raise it into view for “showtime.”



Custom Lifts

Have AV or other equipment you wish to conceal yet have available at the press of an IR/RF remote, touchpad or switch? Draper’s ever-expanding Conceal/Reveal line of products allows us to offer truly “sky is the limit” custom lift designs to meet your very specific needs for projectors, flat panel displays, video conferencing cameras or almost any type of equipment. We create lifts that install in walls, ceilings, floors, tables or other furniture. Even multiple lift systems that move groups of products (individually or in unison) are possible. Think we can’t solve your complex lift needs? Try us!


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