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Revelation Projector Lift

The Revelation projector lift is totally different from traditional projector lifts and mounts. Draper’s Revelation permanently conceals the projector—and its noise—above the ceiling at all times. You won’t see or hear the projector—not before, during or after the show. You’ll only see a hinged door in the ceiling, finished in white powder coat.

Available in two models, Revelation A and Revelation B both require only 13-5/8″ (35cm) of space above the ceiling, and both can be installed to match a 2′ x 2′ (61cm x 61cm) ceiling grid. Together, these two models accommodate a wide variety of LCD/DLP projectors, including those with offset lenses. When in operation the mirror will descend about 16″ (41cm) into the room.

At the heart of the Revelation’s dual first surface mirror system are optical-grade glass mirrors that are 94% reflective. This mirror system provides for optimum flatness and reflectivity.

Combine the Revelation with a ceiling-recessed Draper projection screen and take your showmanship to a new level.


Environmental Airspace Housing— Aluminum housing isolates projector from environmental airspace above ceiling. Includes intake and exhaust fan systems with 4″ (101mm) couplers for connection to ventilation ducts.

Ceiling Access Door—A 2′ x 2′ (61cm x 61cm) hinged door provides above-the-ceiling access for cleaning, maintenance or repairs without having to damage the ceiling. Available with a white painted finish or recessed to accept ceiling tile.

Glass Shield—Made of anti-reflective glass and installed between the Revelation and the first surface mirror/ceiling closure. Reduces projector noise by an additional 80%, and prevents cigarette smoke, grease or other harmful substances from reaching the projector. Virtually none of the projected light is lost as it passes through the Shield.

  • Can be independently operated using Draper’s motorized lift controls.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.