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Silhouette/Series V Projection Screen

The Silhouette/Series V motorized tab-tensioned projection screen is a stunning variation from the standard, boxy look of traditional wall mounted projection screens. The sleek, curved extruded aluminum case and end caps have a refined contemporary look that make is an obvious choice for conference rooms, offices and multipurpose theater rooms. When the screen is not in use, the viewing surface and the bottom dowel retract completely into the case, maintaining the clean attractive appearance of the Silhouette. The standard finish of the Silhouette Series/V is white, but may also be obtained with a black or dove grey finish.

The Silhouette/Series V uses Draper’s unique tab-tensioning system to hold the viewing surface taut and wrinkle free. Draper offers a variety of viewing surfaces, but for the ultimate viewing experience, Draper’s new TecVision surfaces provide the brightest, cleanest, most color accurate video reproduction. A variety of aspect ratios are available with standard and custom sizes ranging up to 96” wide. Contact your Authorized Draper Dealer or Draper directly for the best option available for your theater room.

A variety of motor and control options are available, based on the size of the screen or the third-party control being used. Draper can advise you of the best options for your application. A unique feature of the Silhouette/Series V is the two-piece extruded aluminum case has a front fascia that can be removed (with or without tools) for easy access to service the roller and motor for service.

We manually test and inspect each screen for quality and accuracy before it leaves the factory and Draper screens are warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

  • Case dimensions are 6" H x 4-3/4" D (15.2 cm H x 12.1 cm D)
  • Image area framed with black on all four sides, 12" (30cm) extra drop is standard.
  • Plug & Play with built-in Low Voltage Controller (LP) and Plug & Play with built-in Quiet and Low Voltage Controller are now available (QLP). For more information contact Draper.
  • Rear projection surfaces available - contact Draper for quote.
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