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Targa Projection Screen

One of our most popular screens, the Targa motorized projection screen is a great solution for a conference room, office or multi-purpose environment and a budget conscious enthusiast. The Targa is designed as a wall mounted screen, and fits nicely behind valances, in soffits or in recessed ceiling areas.

The Targa screen is easy to install, using the universal mounting brackets at the end of the case, or the option sliding mounting brackets that are easily attached before mounting. Another option when an acoustic tile drop ceiling is used is our Ceiling Trim kit, which attaches to the endcaps of the Targa to provide a finished slot for the screen as it descends.

The Targa uses Draper’s self-supporting, free hanging materials to create the image. A variety of aspect ratios are available with standard and custom sizes ranging up to 14 feet wide. Contact your Authorized Draper Dealer or Draper directly for the best option available for your theater room.

A variety of motor and control options are available, based on the size of the screen or the third-party control being used. Draper can advise you of the best options for your application.

We manually test and inspect each screen for quality and accuracy before it leaves the factory and Draper screens are warranted for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.