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What Others Have to Say About Draper Products

The New Standard

[Just received] an email from the Director of Design and Programming for [customer name], a senior living facility on the west coast. Great job with the fantastic service. Draper is the new standard for [roller shades in] all existing and new facilities to come.

Impressed with TecVision

Prior to firing up the system, the IT Director was a little taken back with how grey the TecVision screen was. We assured her it was the appropriate screen for the room. After turning the projector on for the first time, all hesitations went out the window as they were immediately impressed with the brightness of the projector even with the blinds open and lights on. They have had multiple meetings held in the room over last week and everyone in attendance has been pleased and impressed with the outcome.

Gary Jeffries
SYNC Technology Integration, Fishers, Indiana

Custom Project is Amazing

Working with Draper we were able to not only meet, but easily surpass expectations. In fact, in the words from a quick email – “The theatre is amazing!!! A very big hit. Well worth the upgrade!!” Draper has always been fantastic with custom projects.

Matthew Irvin
Audioworks, Salt Lake City, Utah

TecVision Surface is Perfection

Perfection—there’s no image distortion anywhere to be seen, and acoustically it is far superior to other products we have used. We were up against some serious constraints. The screen had to fit perfectly and Draper delivered. The install was as easy as it could have been for a screen that large.

Matthew Irvin
Audioworks, Salt Lake City, Utah

TecVision Impresses

When I turned the system on, I was blown away by this screen. Wow! What impressed me the most was the lack of ‘hot-spotting’ on the screen. I figured I would see some since I was projecting from such a close distance.

Mike Wilson CTS-I, DMC-D 4K, Engineering Manager
Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc.

Custom Lift a Big Success

That is a big success. The room has two windows with natural light entering the room during the day. They lower the motorized blinds when using the videoconferencing equipment,” he says. It is working perfectly and is very quiet. The noise was a big concern before the lift arrived but the client is very happy with the result, and so are we.

Juan Carlos Herrera
Control Central, Santiago, Chile

Custom Solutions

Working through this process with Clint and the engineering group at Draper was fantastic. It was quick and efficient and the 3D drawings they provided were impressive.

Steve Hawes, Principal
Progressive Commercial Interiors, LLC., Tempe, Arizona

Draper Provides Viable Solutions

I wanted to work with Draper because there are clear lines of communication. I could tell them exactly what I wanted to accomplish, and I knew that Draper would understand and provide me with a viable solution.

Wayne Wagner
Wagner Media

Cleaning the Shades is Easy

Cleaning is quite easy. The shades are part of our quarterly window cleaning and I have not received any complaints from my custodial staff or any Heifer staff on the lack of cleanliness. As for maintenance we really have not had any trouble.

Erik J. Swindle
Heifer International

Matt White Viewing Surface

The Draper screen is perfect for our neurosurgeons to view brain and spine imaging. There are no ghosted images, no bright spots, and no distortion. I can’t recommend a better screen for looking at mission-critical medical images.

Joe de Sola
Summit Integration Systems, Addison, Texas

Rave Reviews for Paragon and Premier

So glad we went with these. The competitors’ screens were heavier and required four flypoints.  There were limited hang points at the structure so the Draper design saved our butts. The staff is giddy about the entire project. They have already received rave reviews from several clients. The RF remotes are fantastic and work the span of this massive building.

Peter Vaque
Springtree Media Group LLC, Franklin, Tennessee

Really Happy with Access FIT

We were really happy when Draper came back with this suggestion. Without the availability of this small screen case, I’m not sure what we would have done. We probably would have had to go to a wall mounted model.

Rob Clayton, Operations Manager
Tech Electronics